Banksy, the legend revealed.

After 20 years of being highly involved in the graffiti scene, the identity of the famous controversial artist Banksy has finally been unveiled.

The anticipation to discover Banksy’s identity has grown with his reputation in the past years since his work first started appearing in the early ’90s. Unfortunately, the mystery has came to an end. Banksy’s identity has been discovered due to the engagement of a technology which was originally developed for criminology. It uses a mathematical technique to analyse the probable location of the suspect. In Banksy’s case, the technology used the input of the locations of his artworks to analyse the suspects probable where abouts.

In March 2016 Banksy identity and photo was leaked globally, putting the ongoing mystery of the faceless, nameless artist sadly to an end.

Regardless of the dissipation of suspense behind the artists unknown identity, we still hope that Robin Gunningham aka Banksy will continue to surprise us with his satirical artworks which challenge social and political issues in the most comical, witty of ways.