Everything as a Service

Why technology is only part of the picture.

Cloud Computing is offered as three different models: Software as a Service (SaaS); Platform as a Service (PaaS); and/or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

The notion is that through the cloud, everything will be delivered as a service, from computing power to business processes to personal interactions. HP is calling this ‘Everything as a Service.’ In this sense, service is taken to mean the supply of a utility or commodity, just like electricity or water.

However, if you’ve ever had to deal with a utility company over the phone with a supply or billing issue, you probably have a good idea about how little ‘service’ you actually receive.

There is an important — if not the most important — layer missing from the Cloud Computing model. Having someone who you trust, that you can speak to directly for advice and assistance. This is more important than ever. So, perhaps we should talk about delivering Services as a Service? I define services here as ‘an act of helpful activity’: to be of service, to be helpful or useful. 1.

We don’t just want to deliver a ‘service’, we want to share what we’ve learnt and to help others address the unique challenges that come with a cloud implementation. Whether this is moving infrastructure into the cloud, or setting up private/hybrid clouds, we’d like to assist others, with ideas and advice, so they can discover the benefits of the cloud for themselves.

One of our clients recently commented on our service-orientated attitude. For him — and for us — this is the real SOA, and the missing piece of the cloud puzzle.

1. Retrieved from: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/service