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About: We regularly do meaningful giveaways via our blog, which can be entered with just an email address & first name. Our giveaways are most often free hosting accounts and copies of books we’re reading which reflect and support our values and interests. We do this in lieu of giving away branded keychains, plush toys and pens.

During the dot com golden years, CD Baby was the classic independent startup story, akin to the perhaps better known Craigslist story – a single founder who accidentally starts something huge, and wrestles with personal independence and the independence of their creation.

CD Baby began with its founder, Derek Sivers created a website to sell his own music. As a hobby, he also began to sell the CDs of local bands and friends, and before long he was working full time and rapidly expanding. He chose to make CD Baby a “utopian” online store for independent musicians. To do this, Sivers followed principles based mostly on his personal preferences.

Sivers created a very simple ruleset around his company, which primarily revolved around protecting and supporting the musicians he held within his catalogue:

  • The musician will be paid every week
  • The musician will get the full name and address of everyone who purchases their music (unless they opt out)
  • The musician will never be removed from the system for not selling enough.

I won’t ruin the story for you, but, his book Anything you want is an easy read, and contains interesting insights into independence and sticking with your business philosophy – no matter how utopian others might think it is.

Entries are limited to Australians only (due to the financial and environmental cost of shipping books around the world)

Please enter a name & email to win one of two copies of Anything you want, or two personal hosting packages. Entries close at the end of May, 2015. (entries closed)