Google Apps for Work @ Serversaurus

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We’ve been working quite a bit on email lately – with the addition of our redundant SpamExperts outgoing mail gateways, and our new Google Apps for Work offerings, email options at Serversaurus are infinite!

As a technology, email hasn’t changed a whole lot since the 1980s – while the web appears to push forward at an unprecedented rate, email is actually stuck in a period when Duran Duran and Queen topped the charts. Yet it’s a technology the majority of knowledge workers spend huge swathes of time interacting with – while we were supposed to be driving jet cars and outsourcing our daily work to robots by now, we’re actually still using 30 year old electronic mail technology, on a network (the Internet) designed in the 1960s.

In all these years, the protocols and overriding design of email hasn’t changed much, yet companies like Google have managed to lessen our pain. While we offer quality email on all of our personal & business hosting packages, sometimes our customers are looking for more space and integrated tools such as Calendar, Docs and data storage – this is exactly what Google Apps for Work offers.

You may be aware of the free Gmail email solution (, but did you know Google offer a suite of tools and services specifically for business? Get the reliability & additional productivity out of the Google suite with your own custom domain ( for only $5/month per mailbox + $100 setup fee through Serversaurus.

Why go through Serversaurus?

Google is notoriously great at technology. But that notoriety doesn’t really extend to their support. You’ll be paying the same monthly amount for your mailbox with us as you would be directly with Google, but we’ll be there to help you out: With the initial configuration, mailbox setup, and any questions you might have in shifting over.

In a nutshell, you’ll get the benefits from a big email provider like Google, coupled with the great local support Serversaurus offers on all of its products and services.

Win win!