Hosting one of the three largest comedy festivals in the world


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Each year, Serversaurus collaborates closely with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF), as digital works ramp up before the one month festival begins in March. We work closely with the festival and their developers, preparing, testing and deploying adequate infrastructure to support the onslaught of ticketing, calendar and program traffic.

The festival attracts close to 800,000 visitors each season, with hundreds of thousands of tickets being sold and managed via the MICF website. Serversaurus has been collaborating with MICF by providing infrastructure, devops, support and 24×7 management for the festival website since 2016. We’re proud to boast a zero downtime partnership since then, with traffic growing year-on-year. Overall traffic is up 65% since 2016, with views up by nearly quarter since 2018, reaching 4.8 million in 2019.

The website and underlying infrastructure is one of the festivals most important communications channels, interacting with audiences, artists and key stakeholders. The website is critical throughout the entire festival, supporting patrons in navigating and planning the enormous festival program.

Serversaurus achieves high levels of redundancy from a hardware perspective, by running the infrastructure in a parallel configuration across a range of independent servers, including dedicated database and caching infrastructure. The entire puzzle is connected and kept in configuration through distributed service discovery, HAProxy, Ansible and in-house Go applications.

We can’t wait for 2020!