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One of the surprisingly enjoyable things about things about the sales process for me (as a co-founder), has been walking into tech companies, and running live demo’s. Everyone always loves them. I say surprisingly, because I’m usually a doing person, rather than a demoing person. However, I’ve come to learn quite quickly, that those two things are closely intertwined, and one of the requirements in providing new, and sometimes complex technology as your business. We’ve done demos for little web development firms tucked away down back alley’s, to huge advertising agencies on St Kilda road with great success.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d do a really quick blog post about how we’d love to come say hi. If you’re not in Melbourne, then you can still demo our system on your own time, in realtime, with a fully functioning account for seven days. Visit our live demo page to fill in your details, and we’ll be in contact.

If, on the other hand you’re in Melbourne, we’d be happy to drop in, pull out our laptops, and show you the system in live. We can answer questions, discuss your requirements, and figure out the best way we can help solve your virtual infrastructure problems. Pain free, no obligation tech demonstrations & live cloud trials. Nice.