March giveaway: Let my people go surfing

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About: We regularly do meaningful giveaways via our blog, which can be entered with just an email address. Our giveaways are most often copies of books we’re reading, which reflect and support our values and interests. We do this in lieu of giving away branded keychains, plush toys and pens.

We’re giving away two copies of perhaps my favourite business book – Let my people go surfing by Yves Chouinard, founder of Patagonia.

We’re also giving away two web hosting accounts – a personal and business hosting account for one year.

To enter, just add your name and email below:

(For winners of last months giveaway – we’ll be in touch very soon!)

Our giveaway: Each month we run a giveaway which includes our own hosting products, and books which share our values. Some companies give away fluffy mascots, tshirts and pens with their logos on them. That’s not us!