Our B Corp Journey – Part 1

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This is the first in a series of blog posts which document Serversaurus’ journey to becoming a Certified B Corporation. Over the next month or two, we’ll go through our B Corp journey from inception to certification, offer some advice and recommendations on the certification process, and reflect on the best practice and benefits we’ve discovered along the way.


Becoming a certified B Corporation is a symbol of a business’s ethical and sustainable policies and practices. It is becoming an increasingly desirable certification to hold, as B Corp recognition is an important statement of a business’s (re)definition of success – a definition which puts the environment and people before profits, while still performing its economic role as a for-profit business: B Corps are not non-profits!

Whilst the process is a relatively simple 3-step process outlined on the B Corporation website, it can be time-consuming. Sometimes awkward technicalities and the formalisation/codification of sustainablility policies and procedures can stall progress, especially for smaller businesses with limited resources. This series of posts describes our steps and thoughts in becoming a certified B Corporation. We hope that together, these posts can act as a guide to smaller enterprises embarking on their own B Corp Journey, ultimately promoting positive business practices both here in Australia and globally.

What is a B Corporation?

Put simply, certified B Corps are a grassroots movement of businesses who choose to broaden the definition of business success to include environmental and social responsibility alongside profit-making. In this way, they use the power of business for the greater good.

Why did Serversaurus decide to become a B Corp?

  • The values upheld by B Corps are truly reflected in both our mission and history, which upholds environmental stewardship and social responsibility as being an integral part in everything we do. This value alignment meant that pursuing B Corporation certification was a natural step for Serversaurus.
  • It’s also important to substantiate Serversaurus’ sustainability efforts and to make our business stand out from the crowd.
  • Certification would also mean joining a great network of B Corps, in Australia and globally, with which bigger and better sustainable business ideas could circulate and materialise.
  • Finally, the formalisation and documentation of sustainability practices required to pass the assessment would also act as a lasting record of sustainability achievements and benchmarking tool to set & maintain targets.

Our journey begins in the next post!