Serversaurus Co-founder Martin Gleeson features on The Toxic Fox Radio Show

The Toxic Fox Radio Show focuses on the Australian and International community of businesses who are committed to making environmentally positive decisions in order to live in a greener, cleaner and toxic free environment.

Diana Barnett, founder of The Toxic Fox Radio speaks with Martin Gleeson, Co-founder of The Electron Workshop and Serversaurus to discuss a range of topics that include and elaborate on how & why practising Equality, Autonomy and Justice in the workspace is key, the journey of becoming B-Corp accredited, the influential factors behind Martins ethos and increasing business productivity= Quality vs Quantity.

Martin Gleeson | equality | social justice & a 4 day week | TFS011 – The Toxic Fox

To listen to the interview, read the article or to find more about The Toxic Fox Show, follow the link above ‘Read the article on’.

The Serversaurs would like to acknowledge our gratitude to Diana Barnett for being an amazing host and facilitator, to the rest of the Toxic Fox crew for helping make this happen and to Martin Gleeson for welcoming and embracing the opportunity to share with us his thoughts, practises & insights.

Interview Quote from Martin Gleeson:
“Don’t be afraid. Be prepared to be yourself and to put your values and your ethics way upfront. Sometimes people may be fearful about how they may be perceived by other businesses, and I just say forget particularly about the thoughts of businesses that you don’t like. It’s often funny that we worry more about the opinions of people that we don’t respect than those that we do.
So if you are worried that another business will think that you arent serious enough because you are supporting environmental issues and so forth then you really shouldn’t be worried about what they think because they’re not on your same wave length re: values.”