Serversaurus v2 cloud


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Over the last year, Serversaurus has been quietly building a version 2 cloud in parallel with our original legacy cloud which was first booted in 2010.

This has been a complex and time-consuming process, requiring us to completely maintain and interconnect two physically disparate platforms, while continuing to provide 100% uptime for our customers.

Storage resilience

Our new v2 platform comes with a range of features and benefits, including storage and virtualisation resilience by design, accomplished through a new interconnected distributed storage network. Our new storage platform maintains two copies of all customer data across a network of SSD powered hypervisors. What this means, is that if a server fails with your virtual server on it, it will be automatically migrated onto standby capacity within the network. 

This design also allows us to hot-migrate customer infrastructure for maintenance. Commonly, underlying infrastructure maintenance on competitor platforms requires you to completely rebuild your infrastructure on new hardware via infrastructure automation tools. Our model allows you to move the entire virtual machine without touching the contents of the machine itself.

Network resilience

Our new v2 cloud has also given us the opportunity to redesign how to best network our infrastructure. Our cloud consists of three network layers: Storage, management & transit.  We’ve coupled storage & transit onto stacked switches which run in parallel, allowing one switch to completely fail while maintaining 100% uptime. Our management network mirrors this topography through bonding. This means we can handle a complete switch failure on both of our core networks without disrupting availability. This level of hardware redundancy runs right the way up through our transit provider and associated 2N datacentre architecture.

Instant VM provisioning

Other than better performance, better reliability and better architecture, in addition, we’ll be offering public access to our VM provisioning dashboard within our Melbourne PoP.