Technology vs Nature: Dutch train Eagles to take down unauthorized drones

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As the use of Drones becomes a growing hobby worldwide, the issue of Drone regulation surfaces. How are we able to ensure Drones are being used safely, How do we keep airways clear of Drone activity, & How can we protect public privacy?

In response, law enforcement around the world is currently in search of new ways to combat the use of Drones in unauthorised areas.

Meanwhile in the Netherlands, the Dutch have begun training Eagles to take down & retrieve rogue Drones.

So far, teaching the Eagles to attack the Drones has been successful, however in the process its talons shred the device to pieces (surprise, surprise). This has proved the project to be more costly & difficult than expected.

Trials of this method will continue for the next few months before a decision is made whether to engage the eagles full-time.

Inspiration & reference @ABCNews